An e-Portfolio application for today

In 2013 Momentum e-Learning developed the e-Portfolio application called EMMA in partnership with Elklan Training. They were keen to offer a digitial portfolio tool to their learners but were frustrated by the choice of tools available, many of which were too complex and not designed to work in the UK. We worked with Elklan Training to develop an e-Portfolio that meets their learners’ needs.

Since launch in September 2014 over 95% of Elklan Training learners chose to use EMMA rather than a paper-based route. The feedback is very positive.

EMMA was designed to be easy to use. It only contains functionality needed to complete an online portfolio. EMMA connects candidates, assessors, internal and external verifiers. It streamlines the process of qualification, leading to quicker completion times, giving candidates greater control of their portfolio, keeping them up-to-date on their progress and enabling them to access assessor feedback online.

How does an e-Portfolio work?

An electronic portfolio, also known as an eportfolio, online portfolio or digital portfolio, is a collection of electronic evidence that has been created, collected and managed by a user, usually using an e-portfolio tool on the internet.

Evidence may include inputted text, electronic files, images, multimedia, blog entries, and hyperlinks. An e-portfolio can be both a demonstration of the user's abilities and a platform for self-expression, and being online, it can be maintained dynamically over time.



Candidates, Learners, Assessors and Tutors can access EMMA on any internet-enabled device anywhere, anytime.


Qualifications can be broken into ‘bite-size’manageable units, which makes the task seem less daunting to candidates and encourages completion.


All submission content and reporting data is stored and backed up on secure servers, eliminating the possibility of losing work.


Reduce or eliminate visits by Assessors. Save time and money by going paperless. Upload images of evidence directly to EMMA


Recognised qualifications certified by Ascentis Awarding Organisation


Easy to navigate and efficiently shows progress. Each task description, achievement criteria, submission and feedback is easy to access, all in one convenient location.


Elklan screenshot

Elklan Training

Momentum e-Learning worked with Elklan Training to develop an e-Portfolio that met their learners’ needs, is easy to use and in step with UK funded learning and accreditation institutions. Since launch in September 2014 there have been over 5,000 users. In fact 95% of Elklan Training learners chose to use EMMA rather than a paper-based route. The feedback is very positive.

SLCC CiLCA 2015 screenshot

Society of Local Council Clerks

SLCC launched EMMA on the 7th March 2016. The online portfolio tool for CiLCA 2015. The new online tool allows students to create and submit their portfolio of evidence for the qualification online, providing the following benefits:
• Save time and reduce the cost associated with producing a paper portfolio.
• Access and work on the portfolio at any time from any device.
• Submit units individually and receive feedback directly from the Assessors.
• Connects candidates and Assessors streamlining the process of qualifications.

What our customers say


There are 3 pricing models of EMMA to choose from. Select the option that works for you


Ideal for smaller providers to who want to use an e-portfolio for a current Ascentis (Apt Ed) qualification.



The same great features as the BASIC version plus the ability to customise qualifications.



Your very own e-Portfolio app that includes your brand, logo, colour scheme, customised qualifications, personalised emails and reports and URL of your choice.


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